Growing Student Entrepreneurs

Let’s build a program where you teach and learn!


When we started working with schools,  teachers and students to build businesses and business models we had no idea how amazing the ideas would be! Ginger Lewman and I have spent years helping schools start these programs and we can’t wait to help you start one where you are!

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It’s all in the design!

Our Services

We want to come to your school, district or training center and help get teachers get ready to start and grow successful student entrepreneur programs!

Ginger Lewman  is an international keynoter and consultant with ESSDACK, a non-profit education service center, based in Hutchinson Kansas.

“As a member of the GSE team, I help K-12 teachers figure out the daily classroom realities when they are shifting their kids from “student” to “learner.” It’s a process balancing academics and skills that requires a radically different classroom approach. With over a decade of successful edupreneurship experience, I will help your young learners lay the foundation for your older learners to truly become successful global entrepreneurs.”

Let’s do this!

We want to partner with your school or program to build an amazing GSE program in your school! Contact Brenda 620-242-5265 to get things


Derek Reinhart Is a school superintendant/leader who gets it and can show other leaders how to help grow these programs.

Brent Kerr Is a daily teacher/practioner who can bring a wealth of personal, relevant experience to your teachers!

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   The Talk-N-Toy is a very tradigital product. Drop in your phone and let grandma teleconference with the wee ones she can’t see daily!

   Designing real products rocks!

Seeing companies evolve rocks!

     Prototypes lead to products!

     Find a problem and solve it!

        We can design furniture!

Click HERE to explore the history of one student product, the Godium!