100 Years Of Innovation Maker Challenge


100 years ago the 1916 Ford Model T pickup was built and offered to a public that was very excited to get behind the wheel.

Group 1 builds the frame & chassis

Group 2 builds the body.

Group 3 builds the lights, steering wheel and wheels.

Group 4 receives everyone’s work and live broadcasts and records and shares the final assembly. This amazing event must take place on or before May 20, 2016

Join us for this challenge where kids will be challenged to form a group, build a global team then research, plan, measure, collaborate & communicate over distance.They will do all of this as they build a 1/3 scale 1916 Model T Ford truck. Let’s show the world what kids can do!

Click HERE to visit the Google Doc, assemble a local group and start building a global build team.

This project intentionally challenges schools, classrooms and students to collaborate over distance and partner toward a mutual goal.It is designed to get kids ready for a world that works in much the same way. Feel free to adapt, alter and revise in partnership with partner classrooms!

This project is designed to work with grade school through high school students!