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Every new tool is a new chance to connect to a kid and inspire learning. Exploring these tools and thinking about ways they can ignite young imaginations is a benevolent act. I wish you luck on your learning journey!

Let’s explore!

Create Books


Little Bird Tales

LULU Create and sell books,

calendars, DVD’s and more!

https://www.lulujr.com 4 little kids

Mixbook Create photo books online.
movie maker (tutorial)

Storyjumper Publish your own children’s book

tikatok Every child has a story

Shared Collaborative Space

EtherPad Allows multiple users to work

simultaneously on a document.

Each person’s work is highlighted in a

different color to keep everything


Google Docs  (Let's you collaborate on documents in a word-like, excel-like environment)

Linoit Free online bulliton boards, easy to post, see and peel off your stuff.

Redliner Allows multiple users to easily edit Word documents.

Springnote Use this tool as a group notebook to keep notes for classes, projects, or other tasks.

Thinkfree The free services here include document creation and sharing, file sharing, collaboration, and more.

ToonDoo (cartoon editor)

Padlet Customizable, hared bulletin board where kids click and add content

wridea A great way to keep brainstorming sessions documented and organized, this free tool is a must-have for groups working together.

Voicethread Create collaborative projects.

All things science

Google Science Fair Google is looking for the brightest, best young scientists from around the world to submit interesting, creative projects that are relevant to the world today.

Interactive whiteboard activities

Solar System Simulator Show the movements of the bodies of the solar system.

Video creation

camstudio (Free streaming video software)

screencast-o-matic Screen capture

Screencastle Record a screencast directly

from you browser.

For the nerds....

Alice (Computer programming in a

3D environment)

App Creator An app for creating apps

Free iPhone app maker

Cite your sources!

Bibme Fast and easy bibliography maker

Citation Machine Citation machine helps

students and professional researchers to

properly credit the information that they use.

CiteULike When students find scholarly

articles on the Internet, they can share them,

then organize and store their work with this tool.

Ignite writing!

Download Comic Life (download) (Any teacher

who is teaching writing concepts and wants to

add a creative twist)

edublogs Student and teacher blogs. LULU

Create and sell books, calendars, DVD’s and


StoryJumper  Publish children’s books

Voki ( allows you to create personalized speaking avatars)

Wordle Create word clouds with sizes affected by word frequency.

Wordpress Create blogs.

Build a PLN!

Classroom2.0 (For teachers who want to join a world-wide professional learning community)

Twitter Social networking

Free video resources

Schooltube Sharing space for student and teacher videos

Teachertube Educational videos

Podcasting resources

Podbean Podcast hosting.
Podomatic (A tool for creating and publishing podcasts)


surveymonkey User Friendly Online Survey Tool.

Math stuff

DimensionM Online video games to learn math.

Twitter and social networking rehearsal space

Edmodo Similar to Twitter, Edmodo is just for the educational setting and offers a more private way to engage in microblogging.

Many of these tools lend themselves to teaching multiple content areas. Be creative and imagine what learning engines they may become!                           ~Kevin

Odds & Ends

Annotate Online document review.
any-video converter Convert videos

for free.
authorstream Share slides and

Bighugelabs (cool tools for digital photos)
bubbl.us (Free and simple web application that lets you brainstorm online)
classtools.net  (Free, customizable flash templates to embed into blogs, wikis and websites.)
Cooltext.com (Free "Graphics Generator" to make logos and website buttons; fun fonts you can download.)
Dvolver Make your own movies with their tools and share them.
Diigo (Social bookmarking and Web2.0 features)
Discover Education Clipart Clipart from Discovery Education.
Edheads Educational games including virtual surgery.
ePals (For teachers who want to encourage reading and writing while connecting their kids to kids around the world)

Flickr Photo sharing.
Glogsterforeducation Interactive multimedia posters!
goanimate (You can create your own animated content for free. You need is an account!

Google Calendar Google Calendar is a great sharable calendar that a whole class can use to stay on task with assignments, tests, and more.
Google Earth (Any teacher who is teaching geography, measurement, math, history and more) (download)
Google Science Fair Google is looking for the brightest, best young scientists from around the world to submit interesting, creative projects that are relevant to the world today.
HotShot Business Business game.
Hulu (Movies and video resources, should be previewed by teachers as there are mainstream titles and themes here)
Impro-Visor   Free music accompaniment software to improve improvising skills
Intel Teach to the Future tools (Ranking items and provide reasoning to why, investigate relationships by comparing/contrasting, develop well reasoned arguments.)
itunes (download) Podcasts: (Any teacher who could use additional aligned curriculum resources in audio or video for their kids.)

MemberHub Up to 30 members can communicate in one place for free with this tool.
Musescore   Free music notation software
ning (Build your own social learning network in a few clicks. Build a site and experiment for a while before using with kids)
noodletools  The Web's most comprehensive and accurate MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian bibliography composer with fully-integrated note-taking.
Open Options (Open Source and web base resources for teachers)
Pandora Pandora radio is the personalized internet radio service that helps you find new music based on your old and current favorites.

Paper Rater Grammar & Spelling Check / Free Online Proofreading
Photobucket Free photo sharing.
piclits.com Drag and drop words to create a piclit.
Pics4Learning Free clipart and photographs for education.
PollDaddy Create polls for your class.
PollEverywhere Create polls for your class.
Prezi Zooming presentations.

ProBoards Create an online discussion board easily and quickly with this tool that works like online forums and can be made private.
protopage.com  free news reader and start page- really easy!

Scratch Create and share your own interactive stories, games, music and art
slideshare Share Powerpoints.

Squeak Squeak is the vehicle for a wide range of projects from multimedia applications, educational platforms to commercial web application development.

Stop Disasters Disaster simulation game.
Story Chasers (A multi-state (and potentially multi-national) educational collaborative empowering students and teachers to responsibly record and share stories of local, regional and global interest as citizen journalists.

StudyStack Create study tools including flash cards and games.

StumbleUpon Suggests sites based on your interests.

sumopaint Online image editor.

Symbaloo Easily collect your favorite links!

Tagxedo (like Wordle)
Visuwords (online graphical dictionary)

Vocaroo Records voice for posting on a blog or website.
vozMe (Convert text to speech in a snap)

WiZiQ Teachers and learners can all take part in this web-based learning opportunity that is free for anyone to participate in.

Wordstash Make online flashcards and share them with your students.
You Are the Historian Investigate the first Thanksgiving.
Youtube Video sharing.

zamzar (Free online file conversion, turn that Youtube video into a video you can add to a powerpoint)

Web Tools for Educators

Cool Cat Teacher resources


animoto (For any teacher who wants to create and let kids create a quick video presentation.) (Education account  http://animoto.com/business/education)

ArtSnacks (For any teacher who wants to let kids draw while learning aligned curriculum concepts in science, writing and more.)

audacity (tutorial) (A tool for creating audio files that can be for local consumption or become podcasts)

Bighugelabs (cool tools for digital photos)

Game Maker ( Free site that lets kids develop and share their own 2-D video games!

Incredibox  Make music easily on iPads and iPhones!

Sketchup (Any teacher who wants to give kids a hands on experience while learning measurement, geometry concepts and creative design) (download)

MakeBeliefsComix (cartoon editor)

Tuxpaint Drawing program

Crowdsourced Resources


Create an online storefront

Try using sites like LULU.com, Cafe Press, storyjumper, tikatok, Zazzle, Spreadshirt, Createspace, Blurb, Tastebook, The Game Crafter, Spoonflower, Ponoko, Shapeways, Imagekind, and a host of similar sites that allow you to create an account, design products like books, cd's, DVD's calendars, tee shirts, clocks, hats, printed art, 3-D products from your designs. These sites allow you and your kids to market your products and create revenue streams if you're successful. Tell your booster club about these!

More cool crowd-sources stuff!


Interactive whiteboard resources

Language arts

Learning games

Math resources

More resources

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